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Avoid 925 sterling silver jewelry wearing with gold jewelry
1000s / 2015-08-28

Since the 1000s writer has published some articles about silver jewelry before the small make up also published several silver jewelry. here is a brief for introducing 925 silver. People often say that 925 silver, this actually what kind of silver? In fact. as the name says, 925 silver is 92.5% silver content in silver. However, although the silver content only 92.5%,this has already been acknowledged to be the most standard silver. This is because the hardness of small silver, even the real content in 100% pure silver is hard to be made tiny silver jewelry.

 since 925 silver was started later, which is considered to be the standard content of sterling silver. 925 silver is very active, even there motionless, also can easily react with sulfur in the air.  it will form a black substance covering on the surface of 925 silver,  and making it black.

Therefore, 925 silver can be said to be picky on the environment. if bad environment, absolutely it is impossible to wear for a long time .In addition, except the sulfur in the air, sometimes sweat some of the material will also affect the 925 silver, which is usually people say "silver pick people" a form.

1000 s brand silver jewelry tip: when wearing, 925 silver do not wear with gold jewellery together. otherwise they will be contaminated each other, 925  white silver jewelry will become yellow, and gold jewelry will get white. of course,  925 silver jewelry also should not be  worn for a long period of time. as if long time, it will change color, not faded. No matter what  protective measures you have done before wearing.

If 925 silver jewelry getting black , don't be nervous. as it is normal phenomenon,and it is also easy to clean up. that is , using silver clean cloth which is enclosing in 1000s brand 925 silver jewelry which you purchased  , to have clean directly  .

In addition, due to the softness of fine silver, 925 silver must not be too hard. Therefore at ordinary times, when we wearing, pls be careful not to strong pull. otherwise it would be easy to burst fracture, even cause unnecessary damage to 925 silver jewelry. And pls take off 925 silver jewelry before sleep in case of avoiding squashed. 

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