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Popular DIY Black Agate Bracelet
1000s / 2015-08-31


 DIY as a kind of attitude to life, it is popular in Europe and the United States for a long time. In China, DIY is from the very beginning of computer to all aspects of life. DIY clothes and jewelries can be a symbol of one’s attitude to beauty.

All DIY bracelet are finished by hand of workers in 1000S, so it is hardly to find 2 same bracelets in the showroom. We have various DIY bracelets in different sizes, shapes, colors, materials, ect.

Material of the beads can be divided into the glass, bone, ceramic, crystal, imitation gold, wood, species. And it has different shapes: bead, cylindrical, animal model, polygons, totem image, etc. Prices are from a few cents to a few yuan. do a finished product accessories is about dozens of yuan to hundreds of yuan. Advocate make your own DIY ornaments shop: a special plate to the front of the counter, according to its own idea to choose favorite beads and accessories, string them into a finished product. Act the role of beads and accessories prices vary according to the quality of a material, the cord price range from several dollars to a decade or two yuan.If you want to keep the salesperson string system, charge a 10-20% of the workmanship. This is the so-called rare for expensive.

Although expensive, people still love it very much.The hope to get a "unique" design is attracting young people all over the world. It is the preferred this way of DIY, with unusual materials originally, and do not provide craftsmanship, each product is unique which can bring the greatest happiness by your own manufacturing.

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