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1000s / 2015-09-01


In order to know Tourmaline, we first need to know the origin of it, according to 1000 s jewelry experts’ research, Tourmaline is coming from the ancient sinhalese language (Ceylon) Turmali, and the word means "mixed stones". Tourmaline of gem grade value produced in almost all white grain granite, and the home of the tourmaline distribution is very wide, but now on the market of tourmaline are mostly from Brazil, the other, Kenya and Tanzania, Madagascar, Mozambique, Namibia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Italy, the United States of California and Myanmar (Burma), even with China's Xinjiang and Yunnan.

in the palace of the qing dynasty, there were many tourmaline decorations. Now, the tourmaline is popular mid-range gem varieties, known as the birth stone in October. Tourmaline is called as birth stone of Oct., it can help people inspire creativity, bring infinite inspiration and motivation, and can make you more in order, calm and do our best.Because the tourmaline bright rich colors and high transparency of the United States, at the time of its appearance, won the love of people, known as the amorous feelings of gems.

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