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1000S color silver jewelry production
1000s / 2015-09-04

With modern 1000s color silver jewelry and mosaic gold jewelry the same color and brightness, color silver production is using vacuum ion plating process on the basis of 925 silver, divided into IPP (ion plating gold and white), IPG (ion plating gold), IPR (ion plated in rose gold), making silver color with high brightness, the advantages of high wear-resistant compares favorably with the prize money, but the price is far lower than the prize money.
All 1000s color silver ornaments are by the content more than 92.5% silver casting molding (including the needle eardrop hook earrings, earrings, pins and brooches were 92.5% silver to in order to achieve more long-term wear cycle and further increase its hardness), then by the craftsmen hand painted color (we has its own R & D deployment of the 99 Kinds of color, make the products more colorful), finally into the furnace by 800 DEG C high temperature firing, in order to achieve the never fading effect. Color silver jewelry surface glaze does not fully cover the silver foetus, so usually bare silver side is easier to oxidation (silver meets the air easily oxidized, color silver jewelry try to avoid direct exposure in the air), the oxidation of silver edge will appear yellow and black and so on.

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